This study covers the development of the Automated Answer Sheet Checker with Item Analysis. This study includes the introduction to the topics related to previous and existing checkers as well as item analysis, system design considerations, planning of the project, and the preliminary design.

The Automated Answer Sheet Checker is an improvement of the Examination Card Checker Using Free-Fall Feeder in Don Bosco Technical College. The manual free-fall method is still used in feeding the answer sheets to the system. A new sensor is utilized enabling the system to read cards as small as the lotto card. It can check cards with up to 50 items (25 items per side of the card) and can store up to 4 types of answer keys for a single multiple choice-type of exam. The system is also capable of displaying the score, exam set, and class number per card checked. It is then interfaced into a computer to transfer the information to a Microsoft Excel program that would perform the item analysis.

The answer sheet checker is designed to minimize the time used in checking multiple choice types of examinations manually. The added features of item analysis provides the information on how many students got the incorrect answer per item on the exam. It somehow measures the difficulty and validity of the exam.


Keywords : Automated Answer Sheet Checker, Anaylysis, Free-Fall Feeder, sensor

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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