Automatic and Manually controlled curtain winder is made to make life easier and convenient. Since, it would be better if the curtain winds automatically, especially when no body is around to do it or when unavoidable circumstances occurs, just like when you are sleeping or when you are sick and also when you are away for vacation. The project is basically a sensing system which detects day and night. It also comes with a motor which will be installed to a corded curtain system.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be set so that the curtain would not react to slight changes of the daylight, for example if a cloud pass by. Or if by chance, you want the curtain to be sensistive to slight changes of daylight. The percentage of the opening or closing of the curtain can also be set. For example, you want your curtain to be open 50% only when morning comes. You can also manually over ride the device at your own convinience using the manual switches.


Keywords : Curtain Winder,

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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