Cable television is very common nowadays. Not only that reception is clearer than local broadcast programs, but also the numbers of channels are very numerous. Even though it is not free, people think that the cost is worth compared to the pleasure obtained in watching the programs. They don't know, however, that the service given to them by cable TV companies can be improve. There are many options in the kinds of service in providing cable television. There are many options in the kinds of service in providing cable television. It could be in difference in the number of channels, the cost of payment, and the medium used in distribution among others. This is where alternatives come into place.

This document presents the design project, which is the culmination of the efforts of all designers, whose purpose is to provide a cable TV system in the selected locality. As a result, the "CATV Headed for Silay City using Fiver Optic Technology" was proven to be a significant contribution to our country.

Included in the main section, the System specification section describes the objectives of the system and the environment in which the system will operate. The Project plan section provides the framework that enables one to make reasonable estimates of resources required, cost and schedules.

The development section provides the step-by-step procedures on how the final circuit has been derived. It shows alternative implementations and the design considerations applied in deriving the final functional block. In addition, the Computation section shows how the equipment has been selected and how the working parameters were achieved.

Based on the entire designing process, the designers give their personal deductions, findings and recommendations about the design project at the Conclusion and Recommendation section.

The scope of this project will be the complete theoretical design of the proposed Cable TV using fiber-optic technology distribution system. Project prototyping shall not be included due to the heavy expenses that may be incurred. The design will also include the selection of the necessary equipment through given catalogs and specification brochures. This design shall also include a detailed location diagram for the proposed system using maps and topographical descriptions.


Keywords : Cable television, theoretical design, fiber-optic technology, project prototyping, topographical

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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