This device is an IC tester that will help us determine disabled pins of an IC through the use of a computer. Since computer is a vast necessity for an industry or company who wants to stay tough from competition, all we have to do is to interface the device and run the program with it.

However, not all IC could be tested by this device since different ICs were made for different applications and purposes. Since there are analog and digital ICs, and note that not all ICs have the same number of pins, as for this, the device would just concentrate on 14 pin logic gate ICs.

The device could test TTL and CMOS ICs. However, the designer is advicing all users to take extra anti-static precautions when testing CMOS ICs. Note that CMOS ICs are static sensitive.


Keywords : Computer,Interface,14,Youth Ministry - Salesian - Philippines,social-ecological ,Gate,Ethics,Tester,

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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