In the words of Rosario Krishnaj, SDB, during the Seminar on the Preventive System in 1978 at Bangalore, said that today's youth, are caught in the whirlwinds of a fast changing society. Unlike the youth Don Bosco's time modern youth are very much aware of the injustice perpetrated against them and their causes. Today's world of youth is quite audible through the words of George Lawton:

Stand by us, not over us.

Make us feel we are loved and wanted.

Train us by being affectionately firm.

Try to be as consistent if possible.

Don't try to make us feel inferior.

Say, Nice work when do something really will.

Teach us by example.

Treat each one of us a person in his own right.

Don't keep us young for too long.

We need fun and companionship.

Make us feel our home belongs to us.

Make yourself an adult fit for a child to live with.

Prepare us to lead our lives, not yours.


Keywords : Preventive System,Youth, Geroge Lawton, Audible

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