Voting is a national event that us people has always been apart of and very much participating in helping those people who are involved. In a regular voting procedure, the committee is having a difficulty in monitoring the people around. Quite a number of people will be needed. And accuracy in tallying of the winner is very important. This kind of event is often experience in politics. A good example of where voting is taking place is in the Government particularly in the Congress which consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are a lot of issues that are being talked about. The politicians themselves have their own opinion regarding the issue like that of the VAT (Value Added Tax), the reimpositioning of Death penalty and how a Bill becomes a Law. In order to have a final decision for this, is through the means of voting. To make things in order and accurate for the committee is through the use of Digital Voting System.


Keywords : Digital,Voting,ecosystem ,

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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