GSM Based Flood Advanced Warning System, the system being designed, utilizes all of the outstanding capabilities of a GSM module and water level sensors. The system takes advantage of pertinent features of flood warning system which include stability and sensing/detecting flood at a real time pace and forecasting flood levels. All of these combined with an SMS warning system to disseminate information for the locals and save most of their home, or just lessen the damage that might be caused by the flood.

Informing locals about the floods during rainy seasons have been a problem in metro manila for years. How can the people in flood prone areas be helped if there a possible flood that might happen so they can lessens, if not totally, any difficulties in preventing to their homes.

This study aims to implement a device that can detect flood, and with water level sensors, interprets and process signals to be transmitted via SMS as means of notification regarding the possible outcome of the height of the flood.

Researchers developed a prototype that is capable of sensing flood water and sending forecast through SMS warnings. Using water levels sensors, to detect the flood water, which is attached to an Audion (an open source computing platform based on input/output board and the use of standard programming language) to process the data stored by the Water Level Sensor. Forecasted flood height is determined by a two (2) inches different and is up to 6 (6) levels of water level sensors that stores data as soon as it reaches another level to the next. The derived data stored by the water level sensor is then processed in the Arduino with a modified linear regression formula that is used to calculate the expected flood height. Delivering the SMS warnings using GSM Module based form the data that is processed in the Arduino.

The system will send SMS Warnings that contains predictions on how high the flood will be after five (5) minutes, which will be important for the locals near the vicinity, especially the ones who are easily reached by flood. This will prepare them to take action even before the flood reaches their home.


Keywords : GSM Based Flood Advanced Warning System, SMS, Water Level Sensor, Forecasted

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Computer Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

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