Don Bosco Information Technology open courseware website is a sample of a knowledge repository. In this courseware you have a freedom to blog, to write a comment, and most especially browse a note from a professor. This open courseware has given a lot of help for the student especially in expressing themselves because of this HEI open courseware.

Upon looking at the HEI open courseware, students intend to look and browse on different things, things that should be interesting from their sight and hearing. There is fast-paced technology today which can help it more interesting for the students to come and look and earn more knowledge.

In line with this, technology gives education a better option of obtaning knowledge that can be something that a student needs to have. Online learning is a great help for the students to explore more possibilities and opportunities to impove their skills and be more productive in school. Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong is very particular especially for students of information technology for it gives them the edge that would be a help in the future mainly in the industry.

This study will give an insight of what could possibly be identify for the development of teacher-student relation and uplift their motivation on teaching and learning. There is a wide variety of collaboration tools that the proponents perceive as the foundation of this study. This leads to a more and productive studies that the researchers need to discover and will be put into practice so that students and teachers find more alternative way to obtain knowledge.

For education, there are tools or software's that can be used to as a conventional way of making or helping student-teacher habits. A combination of different collaboration tools that can enhance traditional classroom limitations. For instance if lecture is missed or assist in reviewing for an exam. It is good tool since it is web-based making a bigger impact on the student by helping to reinforce information.

This study explores E-learning in three realms. The creation and distribution of lecture archives for review, the delivery of supplemental educational materials and content, assignments requiring students to produce and submit with their own, and summarize findings from the limited number of formal evaluations completed to date.

E-Learning ecosystem Online Classroom Knowledge Repository Open Courseware

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