Transportation plays a vital role in every Filipino citizen here in the Philippines, it is necessity for every individual to get one place or another. So some people acquire a vehicle for themselves to make their transportation quicker and convenient. one example of this is a motorcycle, a motorcycle could easily weave through heavy traffic in the metro and could get you to your destination with half of the time in using the public transportation or using a private car. Every possession of a person is valuable, so is the motorcycle. So the proponents conducted a study to safeguard a motorcycle. Most of the Filipinos own a Motorcycle. Those motorcycle owners are considered as the beneficiaries of the study because the fact that having their medium being stolen and not notifying them when there is unsuitable circumstances will have a great impact on their leaving their everyday living. Motorcycle owners will feel more comfortable from leaving their motorcycle because he advanced motorcycle security system that was installed in their motorcycle will give them update on whether the motorcycle has been touched and other preventive measures the security system has.

The purposes of this study is to introduce the positive effect of the alarm system in automatic motorcycles in the Philippines by means of notifying the user through GSM module. Designing a feedback module that which can disarm or arm the integrated alarm. Integrating and use the GSM module notifying the user is one of the features of the system. Lastly, to have a warnings and attention alarm for the user/people within the vicinity will know the status of motorcycle.

The proponents used 3 levels of system that would be implemented such as: RFID, GSM and a 8-digit passcode. The system will be turned on by either using RFID card or 8-digit passcode, after that the will calibrate its base position using the 6degrees of freedom, after that the system will be turned on. When it is bumped, the siren will sound a warning alarm at the same time the GSM module will send a SMS message to the registered number of the owner, if it is bumped again for the second time, the siren will sound a long and different tone of alarm. The siren can be turned off also by the RFID card, SMS message, 8 digit passcode. The system status can be viewed through the LCD display that is located in the motorcycle. The relay serves as a switch between the battery, system and the ignition of the motorcycle.

The proponents had undergone a thesis study about Integrated Alarm System with feedback through GSM module for Automatic Motorcycles. The system is implemented onto the automatic motorcycle, it can be concluded that they where there are undesirable events or theft that may happen to the motorcycle. The system would alarm and notify the user at the same time, so the user can attend to whatever matter it may be. The proponents had created a system that would alarm and notify the owner of the automatic motorcycle whenever it is being moved, shaken or any similar event. The proponents used a arduino atmega and connected it with different modules to suffice the objectives of this study.


Keywords : Arduino, Atmega, GSM Module, Motorcycles, RFID, Transportation, Battery, SMS Message

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Computer Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

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