The Work Control Center Services under the Facilities Management of the Total Quality Management Office of Don Bosco Technical College is having a problem or managing the job requests of the entire Educative Pastoral Community of Don Bosco Technical College due to its inconsistent record keeping procedure. Lost job requests, unmonitored requests are just some of the major problems. Due to this internal problems, and through the help of Don Bosco CITI, the proponents proposed a web based system that will primarily handle the job request of every department of the school that will result into a better procedure approving and monitoring job orders that will overhaul the unreliable method of monitoring job requests through the use of spreadsheet software. The system will also provide the department heads an easier way to send their requests and receive status updates about their every request. With this new solution, the WCC services would be in better service for the school.


Keywords : Job Order System, Work Control Center Services, Educative Pastoral Community

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Information Technology

Degree: BS Information Technology

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