A Library System that uses Bluetooth technology in their searches and queries. Combining this world create a new breed of technology that would help anyone who desires to look for useful materials and resources. Libraries in our time had catch up with their technology in our generation/ It will have database server that will contain all of the libraries items and information's about this resources and will be accessible by Library System with Bluetooth Technology mobile application that will be created by the proponent through the use of Java 2 Micro Edition with the package of Bluecove.

The server sends the information to the Mobile through the Library System with Bluetooth Technology mobile application; thew information that is about to send by the server based to the user's queries. Rather than relying on laptops or any desktops that can connect to online catalogs. mobile (more specific nokia S60 mobile OS) devices that are bluetooth capable and enable can help them to fulfill their queries inside the library. especially when almost every when almost everyone has cell phone and not all have laptops with them, this would be beneficial to everybody that has Bluetooth technology in their devices.


Keywords : Library System,Bluetooth technology,Java 2 Micro Edition, Cellphone

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Computer Science

Degree: BS Computer Science

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