Don Bosco Technical College provides learning facilities for the students, including air conditioned classrooms and fully equipped laboratories. Students would leave the classroom after class with all the appliances switched-on. They would even use the classroom appliances even if they do not have a class scheduled.

A system was developed to activate/deactivate the electrical load in a classroom based on a schedule. The schedule of the activation and deactivation is entered into the system through a keypad. This process is inefficient if the devices are installed in each of the rooms.

The study shall focus on the design of a schedule-driven electrical load controller that is ready to be interfaced in a Local Area Network using the ALTERA DE2 Board. An application program will be developed that will enable a user to set the schedule of activation and deactivation of the appliances. A Relay Driver Module will be interfaced to the ALTERA DE2, which will activate and deactivate the appliances.


Keywords : Altera DE2 Board, Relay Driver Module

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Computer Engineering

Degree: BS in Computer Engineering

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