This research study contributes to the development of a pool of local cases in educational administration to be utilized by professors and students who have been dependent of foreign cases for classroom instruction. To train future administrators, it is necessary that they be exposed to case analysis that will challenge them and give them the opportunity to analyze, synthesize and decide significant recurrent problems in the classroom. Case studies offer students the chance to experience step by step the process of decision making which will serve them well when they practice their profession.

This study is of value to future case writers and users as it shows the criteria for and procedures in identifying significant cases, pinpoints and analyzes relevant from irrelevant case data. It also shows the necessity of presenting equitably the views of the principal characters and cutting-off the presentation of data at the point when the principal decision is about to be made.

To structure case analysis, teaching guides are provided for each of the three cases which include the general objectives, theories of administration involved each case and instructional strategies. These cases were evaluated by the members of the oral examination committee and were revised to meet their criticisms.


Keywords : Future Administrators, Case Studies, Irrelevant Case Data, Oral Examination

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Education Department

Degree: Master of Education

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