Metal Cutting tool technology nowadays are in greatly used in our industry. There are different kinds of cutting tool such as high-speed steel, toolsteel, carbide tools that are commonly used in the local fabrication and machine shops in the country. Now, as the technology enters world of adopting the new machineries and computerized equipment. the use of specialized cutting tool that is known as the Cemented Carbide tool, are in a great demand. That is why we entered into the idea of the pursuit for these study as future business to exist as its success in the field of manufacturing and industrial sector.

Cemented carbide cutting tool is better tool and are commonly used in the metal fabrication using CNC and NC machines. The tool is known for its quality and strength, saves time, money, and preferably considered as good investment in consideration as the best in metal cutting tool.


Keywords : Metal Cutting Tool, Cemented Carbide Tool, Machines, Fabrication

Language: English

Faculty/Department:Mechanical Technology

Degree: Mechanical Technology

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