Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Milling machines are used by companies that normally shape wood, plastic and metal. A CNC uses cutting tools one of which is the end mill. Without proper training or experience an operator would never know if the end mill is already worn-out or destroyed. The PC-Based Tool Life Monitoring for CNC Milling Machine aims to help inexperienced operators identify whether the end mill tool is in good condition or already worn-out. The vibration created by the end mill is sensed by a MEMS accelerometer. The data acquisition device used is the Texas Instrument TMS320C54x DSP kit, which processes the signal from the accelerometer. MATLAB is used for data processing and output display of the signal. A normal and broken end mill was used for testing. The testing was based on offline monitoring. Each end mill was set to capture raw data from the milling machine and then converted into its FFT signal. This design will provide companies more productivity, better quality, and less labor costs than manual operation.


Keywords : Life Monitoring,Cnc Milling Machine,

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Communications Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

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