Many years has passed when Researchers and Developers are discovering the plastic materials as artificial and alternative material. IN addition, Mr. Tupper introduced it. That now it is the most commonly materials used in households. Plastic now a day is used not only for utensils but also even in every household's equipment and appliances.

Now it was also to excessive use of plastic for materials alternatives. A problem that not being think and studied. So as a group of student we pursue the study of plastic recycling because we know that the only way to lessen this environmental problem of ours is must be put to recycling. We know that it plastic recycling there is a large possibility that it will boom in this century it will earn big income and not only earn but to help the prevention of destruction of our environment. Soon plastic material will have a great part of our industrial use because recycled is more cheaper rather than any artificial


Keywords : Researchers and Developers , Recycled Materials, Artificial, Households

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Mechanical Technology

Degree: Mechanical Technology

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