The Record Management System of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong was proposed, created, and implemented by students of Don Bosco Mandaluyong, namely Mark Anthony Betuing as Project Manager, Paccino Raymundo as Database Administrator, Karlos Rinoza as Programmer and John Carlo Tiopez as System Analyst.

The purpose of the Record Management System is to improve the current system for storing, saving and retrieving data, to reduce paper consumption of files, to develop a software file cabinet for their records, and to handle forms. With this, the system has five functions: (1) Profile Viewer, which can view an employee's profile such as his/her ID, Name, Address, Contact details, etc. (2) Search Engine, which can find an employee's profile wit the use of a search engine that also comes with a filter function. (3) Employee History Viewer, which can view an employee's history such as his/her work history, achievements, and violations. (4) Form Handler, which can add or edit records such as employee profile, rank, department. And lastly, (5) System File Cabinet, which can upload files for each employee. Since the system is for record keeping, delete function was not implemented.

With the five functions, users are able to add, view or edit an employee's profile, search for the record of the employees with ease, they can upload any necessary files required, increasing the speed and efficiency of the work done in the company. The system also has a login function providing security for the users, a user friendly interface with a clean, light blue background with easily readable text font, functions are separated by boxes to make the system easier to understand.


Keywords : Profile Viewer, Search viewer, Employee history, form handler, system file cabinet

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Information Technology

Degree: BS Information Technology

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