The original home of rice is monsoon Asia and it remains the area where rice is practically the whole of the people's diet and nearly all their agriculture. Rice is the most important food crop of the world, if one considers the area under rice cultivation and the number of people depending on the crop. Since in the Philippines rice is principal food of the people, the rice industry never gets down. In the previous years, Filipinos are doing the traditional way of milling, drying, harvesting, etc. wherein the problem with this is that the products output is not competitive compared to other countries like Japan. Thailand and Vietnam, they used better technologies compare to Philippines, wherein Philippines can also do it with the adaption of the new technology. Some provinces that have great supply of the principal food are far from the main city wherein they need such technology but the government does not give what they need.


Keywords : Rice, Philippines, Government

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Instrumentation Technology

Degree: Instrumentation Technology

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