Round the clock body temperature monitoring devices is a medical application that applies some basic theories of electronics and communications, which would be very useful and helpful in hospitals and clinics, to medical personnel and to the patients.
The design is to composed of a temperature sensor that measures body temprerature on a 24-hour basis. Data from several sensors is then transmitted via RF to a receiver interfaced to a computer for display, processing and storage of data.
The output of the sensor would be analog. It would be converted to a digital data. Accuracy and ease of processing is the reason for analog-to-digital data to a receiver by the use of RF signal is the most practical way of trnasmission. Using a microprocessor would allow us to make use of multiple transmitters for a signle receiver . Each transmitter has a micropocessor for the identification code and the configuration of data to a serial protocol. The micropocessor in the receiver is for error detection and data acquisition. It is then interfaced on the computer for monitoring. An option to display acquired data on a Liquid Crystal Display is also possible.


Keywords : temperature, transmitted via RF, Liquid Crystal Display ,

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Electronics and Computer Engineering

Degree: BS Electronics and Computer Engineering

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