Attendances, in any type of organization or society, is a manifestation of a person's participation and presence in any given circumstance. In Educational Institutions, attendances are recorded as a part of the students' grade and can even determine whether the student will pass or fail the given subject when the maximum number of hours of absence has been obtained. Despite the advances technology provides today, the manual system of professors calling out attendances before the classes begin is still used in some institutions, which is time-consuming and impractical.

As a solution for this kind of problem, this system uses the technology of Biometrics, specifically a Fingerprint scanner and a USB module to identify and record the attendances of students and teachers. Classifications of present, late and absent will be attributed to each student depending on the time of their input scan and the number of hours the class is scheduled to have. Updates on attendances recorded can be seen online at the Moodle Site by both the students and the professors after the process Fingerprint-USB System output file has been classified and uploaded.


Keywords : Biometrics, Moodle Site, USB System, Fingerprint, output file, Attendance.

Language: English

Faculty/Department: Computer Engineering

Degree: BS in Computer Engineering

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