The resurgence of crimes particularly theft and robbery in our society has been a nationwide problem. There no such thing as a safe location anymore since almost all places are prone to crimes. Even our homes are inclined to thefts, robberies and murders. The installation of security devices is necessary nowadays, thus, a design of an effective and reliable security device that will meet the requirement of safeguarding the house is significant. The concept of the Wireless Perimeter Security System then came about.

Wireless Perimeter Security System can adequately provide for an efficient and reliable security system. It warns the homeowners that an intrusion will take place even before the intruder is still far from the house. Thru its multiple location accessibility, it can significantly secure the house from any intrusion. Yet the system is only an alarm system that warns the homeowners, it help proficiently in eradicating robberies and murders and also it can help in catching the criminals red handedly.

The system consists of different modules. Each module has its own function in the system. These include the light source module or the detector unit, the transmitter module, the receiver module and the interface module. The detector module determines the presence or absence of persons. When the light source is blocked, the detector module will prompt a signal to the transmitter module. The transmitter module will then send a signal to the receiver module and consequently be feed in to the computer through the interface module. The computer will then tell the homeowners that there is an intrusion and the location where the intrusion took place.

The approach of the system in safeguarding the house differs from the other security devices. It uses wireless transmission and the detector unit can be placed to different locations. This generally makes the system functions efficiently and reliably. Also the system is very flexible since it can be also used in other applications such as safeguarding warehouses and stockrooms.


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